A Vision for Individualized Glioma Care

Precision Glioma aims to adapt the precision medicine paradigm to the particular challenges of glioma, the commonest form of primary brain tumor. This will be achieved by co-ordinating a broad range of clinical and scientific disciplines from Molecular and Cellular Biology through to frontline Clinical Oncology, Radiology, and Neurosurgery. By aligning expertise and concentrating efforts and resources to characterize glioma, individualized treatments can realize overdue improvements in glioma care and outcomes.

Currently a work in progress, Precision Glioma is evolving behind the scenes to develop the links which will assist various fields of endeavour to collaborate on bespoke glioma therapies. In the meantime, please see the External Links for details of charities providing a wealth of information and funding for patients, carers, and researchers involved with glioma.

What is Precision Medicine?

"A medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices, or products being tailored to the individual patient. In this model, diagnostic testing is often employed for selecting appropriate and optimal therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis. Tools employed in precision medicine can include molecular diagnostics, imaging, and analytics." Wikipedia

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